IPTV Re-Streaming

IPTV Re-Streaming

Option 1

We can provide our channels for Re-Streaming.

You can have any?of our channels?which are NOT marked as VIP.

In another words, if you buy 100 connections, you will have all of our channels and you will be able to use a maximum of 100 Streams.

The price is €3 per stream per month with a minimum of 100 streams (100  connections per month = €300)


100 – 500 =  €3  per stream per month

501 – 1000 =  €2.50  per stream per month

1000+ =  €2  per stream per month

Option 2

1500 Connections     VIP Packages not included  (apart from Greek)   =   €2300  per month

Tutorial on how to get the Channel Stream for the Re-Stream Subscription, press   HERE